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    Personal Ergonomic &
    Therapy Cushions
    For Neck, Back, Spine, Rehab, & Hot/Cold Therapy
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    Feature & Benefits of SPINE BUDDY Flex Rehab
    Flex Rehab helps relax ease muscle fatigue & pain.
    Flex Rehab is patented SPINE BUDDY technology.
    Flex Rehab realigns & supports the vertebrae to
    help promote better posture and flexibility.
    And Much More...

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The Ultimate Low Tech "LT" Portable Therapeutic cushion as recommended by Texas Chiropractic College.

*Includes Two Reusable Hot and Cold Packs


Benefits of using patented SpineBuddy

Help by providing spinal support, improving posture, relieving pressure on the spine, and soothing sore muscles.

Relax The Back products can help by cushioning the spinal column to relieve pressure, and to relieve strain by giving proper support in cases of spinal deformities.

We have a variety of products to help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with Multiple sclerosis (MS), including back rests, Spinebuddy mattresses, zero gravity chairs, and more.

Spine Buddy™ meets these and other needs.


A transportable traction device that fits virtually any size or shape user, Spine Buddy™ features a Capital I-shaped cushion inside a durable, washable cover. Most effective with daily use, Spine Buddy™ relaxes and decompresses the neck and back.